WordPress Not Giving Notifications?

This isn’t an official post. It’s a question. I’m new to WordPress, and haven’t exactly mastered how to use it yet. However, I’ve noticed that the past week or so I haven’t been getting notifications if I have a new follower. But, if I check my email, it’s there.

Also, I don’t get all of the posts of the blogs i follow in my reader. For example, I had twelve new posts to read today. I went to a certain blogger’s site and saw that they had posted three articles in the last week that didn’t show up in my feed. I went to check if this was an isolated event, and it’s not. There are several blogs that I follow who have been updating, but they don’t show up in my live feed.

Is anyone else having this problem?

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5 thoughts on “WordPress Not Giving Notifications?

  1. danielleurban24 says:

    maybe your notifications are not turned off? Also, have you gone to your dashboard and checked your notifications from there? If there still are not any, I would then contact WordPress support about it.

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