WordPress Not Giving Notifications?

This isn’t an official post. It’s a question. I’m new to WordPress, and haven’t exactly mastered how to use it yet. However, I’ve noticed that the past week or so I haven’t been getting notifications if I have a new follower. But, if I check my email, it’s there.

Also, I don’t get all of the posts of the blogs i follow in my reader. For example, I had twelve new posts to read today. I went to a certain blogger’s site and saw that they had posted three articles in the last week that didn’t show up in my feed. I went to check if this was an isolated event, and it’s not. There are several blogs that I follow who have been updating, but they don’t show up in my live feed.

Is anyone else having this problem?

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5 thoughts on “WordPress Not Giving Notifications?

  1. maybe your notifications are not turned off? Also, have you gone to your dashboard and checked your notifications from there? If there still are not any, I would then contact WordPress support about it.

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